Buy Optimum Extracts online


Buy Optimum Extracts online


Cherry Pie Kush – (Indica)
Cotton Candy – (Indica)

Guava Berry – (Hybrid)
Honey Crisp – (Hybrid)
Jack Herer – (Hybrid)
Kandy Kush – (Indica Hybrid)
Orange Cookies – (Hybrid)
Shipwreck- (Hybrid)
Strawberry – (Hybrid)
Mac Stomper – (Hybrid)
Orange Cream – (Hybrid)

Passion Fruit – (Sativa Hybrid)
Pineapple Express – (Sativa)
Purple Lemon Haze – (Sativa Hybrid)

Renegade Rx CBD – (High CBD)
Sour Tsunami CBD – (High CBD)

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